Secrets Of Clairvoyance Psychic Abilities You Need To Know!

Secrets Of Clairvoyance Psychic Abilities You Need To Know!

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Clairvoyance Power

What is clairvoyance psychic abilities? When it comes to a psychic, most of us often visualize an exotic-looking lady staring at a crystal ball. She dressed a long and flowing dress, combined with giant hoop earrings. In most cases, she revealed what she perceived in your future, with a steep fee. But, you can become your own psychic by increasing your natural and potential power. In general, clairvoyance may translate to “clear vision.” Those who have clairvoyance are known as clairvoyants. Such the extraordinary gift isn’t the one that anybody is able to use right away. Instead, please work on developing if you want to put your mind to it.

So, What Is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is an enhanced development of your “natural sixth sense.” Literally, it is the ability to see something with full perspective, which also includes the past, present and the possible future. Energy fields, or also called auras that surround people and objects may be seen by using this ability. A clairvoyant is capable of seeing images, colors, dreams, visions, and symbols that can help her make sense of her surrounding environment.

In fact, this “clear vision” is just an awareness of feelings, thoughts, alternate dimensions of reality, and movements of energy that are real, but invisible to the human eyes. Clairvoyance power is a way which we may tap into the own knowledge of our soul and the collective knowledge of all souls in the universe. The reader is also able to perceive clairvoyant images as flashes, lights, and personal memories to illuminate a hard situation.

How To Enhance Your Clairvoyance Psychic Abilities?

  1. Release the fears

Psychic Ability

Many studies have shown that young people tend to have the highest rates of clairvoyant abilities than any age group. Yet, children can “turn off” their power because of fear. This fear can come from the statement of their parents that psychic insights are evil. Or, the kid can see a frightening image of his parent’s divorce, or other painful future event. He may then closes his clairvoyant vision off, as he does not want to see the future.

Regardless of what the source of fear is, it’s a must to release this negative emotion to regain your full ability. Saying an affirmative phrase is just one of the good ideas to get rid of self-fear. Sit in an undisturbed position and take deep breaths. As breathing in and out, you should say silently or aloud “I am ready to release my fear of seeing my future.”

  1. Frame your questions in a detailed way

For the most effective result, it’s better to carefully word your questions. In the end, you may get the answer that meets your needs. Nothing is best than being honest with yourself about your inner desires.

When asking something like, “Will I encounter someone at the dance tonight?,” one image of clairvoyance psychic abilities can appear with a new person who is not your romantic partner. Then, a greater query should be, “Will I encounter someone special at the dance tonight?” At that tine, the query may have details as many as you want.

  1. Breathe and focus on your “third eye”

After asking any question, take 3 slow and deep breaths. Then, put your whole concentration on the area between your 2 eyes. This is a “chakra,” or also known as an energy center. This chakra area is able to activate clairvoyance development. Further, it also contains a “third eye,” which offers the spiritual visions to answer your questions. As breathing, you should also look for and notice an oval shape that rests horizontally between two eyes. Consider whether such the “third eye” has its eyelid open, closed, or partially open. Is the eyelid partially closed or closed? Please ask it to open. Don’t forget to reaffirm your willingness to release the fear. When the eye is open, you can be rewarded with a feeling of warm love. Why does this happen? That is because you are reunited with a long-lost aspect of yourself.

  1. Recognize any pictures entering your mind

In general, pictures of clairvoyance psychic abilities come in one of 4ways. A single picture inside your mind’s eye is the first. The second is as a single picture that you often see outside your mind’s eye. The third is as a movie picture inside your head. And a movie picture outside your head is the final. Such the pictures may be black and white or full color. They can appear as a cartoon or a painting sometimes.

  1. Increase the brightness and size of the pictures

Just keep this sentence in mind, “Pictures, I ask you to grow in strength and size, RIGHT NOW!” Thanks to your powerful intention and decision, those clairvoyant pictures will become larger, bolder, and brighter in a quick way. The bigger and more colorful the pictures are, the more easily you can interpret them. Repeat Step 1 if you find it hard to deal with this step.

  1. Ask for interpretation and clarification.

Clear Vision

Want to interpret and put clairvoyant pictures to good use? You have to understand their meanings at first! In case you are unsure of what those pictures are trying to tell you, just ask aloud or mentally, “What do these pictures mean?” In the end, you could get the answer as a thought, feeling, or sound. Is the answer unclear? Then, don’t hesitate to ask it to be repeated or sent to you in a different way. Remember that the spirit world always wants to help you receive spiritual information. That’s why they attempt to work with you until you tap into the answers to your questions in a clear way.

  1. Trust in what you see

Such the final step is important. If you ignore your clairvoyant pictures or write them off as mere imagination, they will be lost opportunities. It is possible to gain more confidence in your clairvoyance psychic abilities if you keep a record of any coming clairvoyant pictures. Make sure to keep track of every picture that comes true. In this way, you are able to learn how reliable your clairvoyance is. Further, you will also have a chance to explore your personal symbolism. Did you know that clairvoyant psyche of each person uses a unique set of pictures to symbolize many different meanings?

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