How To Become A Psychic Medium? Fun Things You Need To Know!

How To Become A Psychic Medium? Fun Things You Need To Know!

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Psychic Medium

How to become a psychic medium? Can everyone become a Psychic or Medium? In fact, it just depends on what you mean by that. We’re all psychic anyway, of course! But, you all cannot be mediums unless you take the risk of working with the low energies. Psychic mediums are naturally born with a gift of connecting with the spirit world. And they have been around since the dawn of time.

In the 19th century, with the common rise of a belief system called “Spiritualism”, these readers became a mainstay in the popular culture. Spiritualism as well as the widespread attempts to get in touch with the deceased were developed in Europe and the United States. During that time, automatic writing, table turning/tapping, trance channeling and séances became the tools that mediums used to perceive any type of messages from “the other side.” Keep reading for more helpful experience!

A Psychic Medium isn’t just a Typical Psychic!

When someone we loved has passed away, it’s possible to find relief from being contact with this person in the afterlife through psychic means. This is what a psychic medium specializes in. How to become a psychic medium? There are those who can communicate with the dead who are no longer with us. Besides, some scam artists are also out there who take advantage of the grieving people looking for the last moment with their loved ones. That’s why you should be cautious about the reader you talk with.

In general, there are 2 two basic types of mediums. They include physical mediums and mental mediums. Both have different ways to interact with those who have died for a long time. The following is a basic breakdown of how each type of medium does works.

The physical medium often channels energy from the spirit world into the material world in a large number of ways. She can channel the messages from the spirit by using a pen and paper. Then, the reader allows the spirit to control the use of the pen & paper to communicate with the bereaved. This is also known as automatic writing. But, there are still many other forms of physical mediumship.

A mental medium tends to have different kinds of powers. She can sense the messages from the spirit world via the psychic sight, sound, smell, or touch. It may even be from taste. Clairsentience, for instance, is the ability in which the reader senses something intangible or unapparent to her. Clairvoyance is just the term used to describe psychic sight. Clairalience is psychic smelling. Clairaudience is psychic hearing. Meanwhile, clairgustance is psychic tasting.

How to become a psychic medium – Secrets you should note

  • Focus

Communicate With The Dead

How to become a psychic medium is not a technique. The process requires your great effort and practice, remember! A medium often has a different focus in comparison with a psychic. We all know that the psychic pays attention to the events and relationships of an individual for which a reading is being given. Yet, the medium zeroes in on not only the individual, but also the spirit energies surrounding such him. This is why she needs to be a psychic and a medium at the same time. Thus, an analogy can be that the medium on channel 6 and the psychic would be on channel 4. The action is the same. It is just a different program that they tune into.

  • Practice Regularly

You are advised to hone ESP ability at the same time as learning to be a good psychic medium. Specific attention should be given to both learning and practicing meditation on a regular basis. This is considered the key to getting into the frame of mind in which the other senses are temporarily put to rest. In the end, the sixth sense is allowed to be in a heightened state of awareness. And meditation is the best practice, especially mindful mediation.

  • Sincerity

Another essential factor is your strong craving to connect with the realm of spirit for a purposeful and serious reason. Want to speak with the spirit of the deceased as you have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon? Just wish to entertain your friends for fun? Forget it! You may get zero. Yet, if you are sincere toward increasing a connection and have enough patience to work it through, even though the whole progress is likely to get scant at times, then you can have chances to succeed.

  • Expand your awareness

Spirit Guides

The next thing you should do to become a reputable medium is to enhance your awareness about the spirit world and how it’s already been in contact with you via your dreams, or while you were awake. It is quite possible to learn a lot from the near death returnees and from these reported cases where the dead come to comfort the dying. Searching for your spirit guides permits you to master the sense of someone who has just lost their dear ones. There is also the séance – the best environment of learning and practice where you can get valuable experience.

  • Communicate with spirits.

A good way to start is by spend time looking for a group of mediums, or a mediumship circle that gathers to receive messages from the other side. This action will provide you with an introduction to the setting which should be arranged for effective communication. As long as you’re comfortable with the process, please try it on your own, or invite other psychic mediums to join you.

So, how to become a psychic medium? You should read others’ subtle patterns and answer their questions via many Psychical tools. In the end, they are able to gain much comfort and relief in the occult zones! Thanks to the broadened knowledge, try help your clients to find their right soulmate to grow old with. The Psychic mediums themselves also have chance to prove their ESP power and reinforce the concept of miracles.

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