Can You Develop Psychic Abilities? Secrets To Keep In Mind!

Can You Develop Psychic Abilities? Secrets To Keep In Mind!

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Can you develop Psychic abilities? Of course, the answer is Yes. Just ensure that you have patience, perception, and great understanding. Sometimes, we are likely to perceive the feeling that the telephone is going to ring, and actually, it does. Or we may know who in the other line, and we’re right. Or our favorable song is playing in our head. Once we turn on the radio, this is the same song. Are these above examples just coincidence? Is there something profound and spiritual happening around us? We’re tapping in to what researchers trust is a shared consciousness or super-consciousness. It can connect all humans in the Universe! So, what you do think?

Everyone May Be Psychic

Psychic and other intuitive abilities shouldn’t be referred to as the gift of the few. Instead, they are the birthright of anyone on the globe. Such the capabilities are latent within all humans. But psychic development and intuition can manifest themselves via the spiritual practices. They include yoga breathing & mantra, spiritual healing, and prayer. For instance, if you practice meditation and yoga breathing in a serious manner over a long period of time to gain enlightenment with no any interest in whatsoever in psychic abilities, then you’ll become psychic time by time.

Everybody may develop Psychic abilities. But it cannot be a specific person’s destiny to own this as a priority. There is the advice for those loving enhance their spiritual potential! To be sure, it is much more significant for someone to learn a particular skill. And they have no aim to anything psychic. In a clear word, every skill can get honed by introducing a psychic element to it.

Psychic Capabilities Are Neither Good Nor Bad! It’s Based On What You Apply Them For.

Such the paranormal powers themselves are neither good nor bad. Instead, it’s the way they are used, which makes them good or bad. Use your psychic ability to take a look at the aura of a patient before providing him with spiritual healing? See what part of the aura needing special attention? Then, you tune in to the exact magnetic energy that requires healing that person. In general, this is a good thing to do. What happened if you apply psychic ability to please your greed or bring harm to anyone else? That is, of course, a misuse.

Some Exercises Of Strengthening Psychic Abilities

  • The art of scanning

Practice The Art Of Telepathy

Practice The Art Of Telepathy

It is better to work with the one whom you have not met before. Both should face to face stand about four to six feet apart from one another. Then, each person closes eyes, takes a deep breath, relaxes and grounds. Don’t forget to visualize the other as pure energy or a ball of light. With inner eyes, both should look into the ball of light and scan the other person from top to bottom and vice versa. In fact, notice any words, colors, thoughts, images, sensations in their own body. Besides, remember anything, which comes up while you’re both scanning. After a while, when coming back, both must tell each other what they felt, saw whatever, and described what the other experienced.”

  • Practice anticipating something in advance

Predict Future Events With Crystal Ball

Predict Future Events With Crystal Ball

Can you learn to be psychic? Yes is the final answer. Make a habit of writing 3 predictions for tomorrow. How? You also close eyes and take a deep breath. Still, make sure that you are quite comfortable. And your feet are also on the floor. Please project what can happen in the next day after a few deep breaths.

Look at your surrounding! Notice any sensations and colors. Who are standing by you? What are they doing? What are they wearing? What are you doing? Is nothing likely to come? Time to listen! Are any words or song lines start to run through your head? Do you smell anything? How does your body feel? Is your mood changing? What subtle changes do you notice? Take into account everything you sense. In that case, write “your predictions,” based on what you have received.

  • Try online tests

Online Zener Test

Online Zener Test

Working with many ESP tests is also an excellent idea. Such the wonderful tests may be available on the Net. Practice the tests in a quiet room without any distractions. Make an attempt to do different tests and work with them in a repeated way. Work with them at different times of the day. Check whether you’re more successful at the certain times of the day than others. The following are some questions, which might help the practitioner assess them. These examples of developing psychic abilities exercises are a good source. Hope that they can help you reach psychic awake faster!

  • Have ever felt drained after meeting someone? Is it just like you want to have a quick nap?
  • Have experienced a feeling that something may take place to someone around you? And you only to find out it did happen after a long time?
  • Have ever woken up and remembered an out-of-body experience or a lucid dream?
  • Have ever had a flash? Were you able to see other dimensions or spirits that have already died?
  • Is intuition common to you? How relevant is your intuition?
  • Have ever been able to foretell the future?
  • Have felt a retro-cognition or re-collection of the previous life?
  • Have ever experienced spontaneous vibration within your body once falling asleep or waking up?

How To Know If It Is Working?

After many days, weeks and months of practice, meditation, and experimentation, how to recognize if your psychic powers are improving or not? The answer is “by experience.” Save all episodes in your memory. Every episode is fueling your proof. But it’s greater to keep a journal of your experience. Jot down each result of your tests online and exercises. The physical act of writing anything on paper is also brilliant. It helps to reinforce the connection of consciousness-unconsciousness.

In brief, how to realize that “my hits” are still coincidence? An increasing rate of success will define this. At some point, chance and coincidence are no longer a factor. The mysteries of the globe lay before you, no longer mysterious, but just as a giant unread book. Thus, have you had your own answer to the question Can you develop psychic abilities?

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