Do You See Benefits From Free Fortune Telling Crystal Ball?

Do You See Benefits From Free Fortune Telling Crystal Ball?

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Want to get a brief glimpse into your far-off scenario? Free fortune telling crystal ball reading turns to be an ideal suggestion! Why? It’ll let you receive quick answers to any simple questions. The soothsaying crystal ball oracle is clean, direct, and even enjoys humor. Your eyebrows can be raised when seeing how accurate the answers are.
What to remember once conducting a ball reading? First, always hold the highest intention when you ask for spiritual guidance. That’s because your intention might decide the response you get afterwards. And lower energies could respond to lower vibrations. Second, avoid asking such the question “Will my partner leave his current wife?” The reason is the inquiry comes from a space of dishonesty, manipulation, and insecurity. Instead, blow your mind with the query “How to attract true love into my life?” At that time, you are on the highest good. You’ll receive the most loving & supportive guidance, bringing true contentment to you.

The Art of Gazing at Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal Ball Gazing

Psychics have practiced crystal balls for the scrying purpose over years. So, what do you know about the art of scrying? Working on the reflective surface, scrying helps the practitioners gain mystical insight. The familiar memory in most of our mind is the image of a gypsy teller. And she gazed into the crystal ball to divine others’ future. But there is also one common misconception we often hold. That is crystal balls have the powers for free fortune telling crystal ball. This is not true! In fact, the images within a crystal ball are not used to predict any future events. Rather, they come from the depth of one’s subconscious mind. And the crystal sphere is the only door which such the subconscious thoughts may get accessed through.

Whenever you use the ball for divination, a trance-like state also gets included. This might dissociate your consciousness. But it still permits info from the subconscious to pass through your mind’s eye. This is the place where these images are available, not within the crystal ball itself!

Tips on Reading Free Fortune Telling Crystal Ball Process

There are many techniques for reading a crystal ball – the art of scrying or crystal gazing. A sphere transparence works. And there is no beginning or ending here. Thus, the flow of energy is still continuous. A free fortune teller or scryer is the one, who’s going to perform the crystal reading. And another one is a querent. Pay attention to the following tips for more insights:

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1. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal ball both before and after the process. What for? You can remove the existing influences from positive or negative energies. How to clear the ball for better? A lot of ways can be available on the net. But one useful method here is to set the ball in a bowl added with a pinch of sea salt and distilled water. Want to have a deep cleansing? Please keep doing for an hour at least or at last overnight in the moonlight of the full moon.

2. A quiet and dimly lit room is always the best choice. Let place the crystal on a velvet cloth or dark silk used for scrying only. How does the scryer make self relaxed and stay calm? She should select soft soothing music and comfortable incense. Further, dim light from the moon, window, or candles should illuminate the sphere from over the scryer’s shoulder, beneath the sphere or even behind the sphere.

3. Touch the crystal ball to charge it. Never allow others to touch the ball except for the scryer. Why? The reason is to get assured that their energies will not affect the divine reading. Is the session for a querent? Thus, only let him touch the ball so that his energy can be tapped into for the particular process. Have him laid his hands on the ball to energize or charge it. Meanwhile, the teller should think of what her querent wishes to know. Then, remove his hands when he is ready.

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Future Predictions With Crystal Ball

Future Predictions With Crystal Ball

4. Time for the scryer to ground herself! She should close eyes, commune with her own ball, and then center self. Take a deep breath to stay connected with her higher self and spiritual source. Remember to enable only the bright and positive energy to link with. Please avoid any evil and negative energy, coming from to control the whole session. Once being in a trance-like state, the reader might be vulnerable to danger. How to protect self in this case? Several ways may be accessible on Free fortune telling crystal ball. But the best way is to surround self with 4 protective crystal, ceramic, glass, or metal angels. What for? She could stand at the 4 corners of the table as protection.

5. The next step is to gaze into the ball while letting her eyes go out of concentration a little. A slight vibrating or tingling sensation is quite normal. That’s because she and her ball both fall into harmony. And the psychic connection is just getting established.

6. A smoke or mist will get formed in the ball, when she has entered the Astral Plane. Gaze at this area. Then, colors and images also appear. She can want to say out loud what she has seen. Let the images change and flow as they seem.

From 7 to 9

7. Get enough info from the Free Fortune Telling Crystal Ball? Then, the images are likely to fade and disappear. It’s time for the scryer to let her mind return to the physical plane or present. Also allow her body to separate from the ball since the psychic connection gets broken. Take a deep breath, refocus eyes, and ground self again!

8. Send her thanks for the support of the crystal ball. Then, re-cleanse and store it.

9. How to interpret the images and colors? The reader can refer to the dream books or color healing guides for more sources. But she may also go with her intuition, instinct, and be open to all possibilities.

In brief

Does free fortune telling crystal ball work? Of course, it can. Both divination and oracles are tools to achieve message from the Divine and your guides. Regardless of what the oracles are (even if they are the online script), you’re opening self up to the spiritual guidance. It is possible for humans to get such the guidance through technology even in the modern world. Just make sure that we have faith, pure intentions, and positive space. And we’re always open to listening. At the end, this fun and free ball session may also grant us some psychic and supportive insight. If possible, don’t hesitate to consider telling fortune with cards!

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