Insightful Techniques You Need To Know On How To Read Palms!

Insightful Techniques You Need To Know On How To Read Palms!

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How to read palms and learn chiromancy? The following article can help to see yourself in a new light. Hands are expressive by nature, remember! You’re able to say “Hello!” with a friendly wave; say “I’m sorry” with a soft touch; or even say “Well, something isn’t nice” with a single finger. Believe it or not, hands are also able to contain a lot of mysteries you’ve never thought of. Everything (palm lines, the fingers’ shape, etc.) may provide insights into your personality traits.

Have ever wondered what your both hands are saying? Wish to seize the basics of palmistry? Then, you have permission to startle buddies with your accurate insights and predictions! Or just start any stimulating chats with them about who they are and what their life purposes are. All is fun and addicting, right?

How to read palms does not mean that you’re told anything the Universe has destined for you. Of course, it also will not show that your hands have led you to some sort of unfortunate fate. Instead, the art of palmistry grants you an insightful glimpse at your characteristics. Also, the way how you interact with others around you can come to light. It is unable to tell you whether you will become the CEO or a noted celebrity. Rather, it plays a role of showing more about yourself. Thus, the art is open for any prediction!

Which Hand I Should Use To Read In Palmistry?

Analyze Two Hands

Along with the question “How to read palms step by step,” the above one seems to get much attention from palmistry enthusiasts. It’s significant to take a look at both hands to gain a full picture of your characteristics. But, your dominant hand, in general, is the one you like looking at the most. Why? The reason is that it is the strongest hand a person uses most often.

To others, the dominant hand is also the one which they use to write with. Consider yourself to be “right handed”? Then, your dominant hand is most likely the right hand. There is one exception to notice! Your “handedness” could be changed by a teacher or parent when you were young. Was that case right for you? At that time, it’s advisable to consider your dominant hand. That is the hand you automatically use when needing strength and skill.

Analyze Colors on Hands

Want to grasp more about Chiromancy? There is a need for any newbie to memorize the list of colors and their meaning below:

  • Red: anger, temper, acute, and inflamed.
  • Pink: healthy, optimistic, and vital
  • Black: proud, haughty, moody, and vengeful
  • White: lifeless, apathetic, and unmotivated
  • Yellow: bitter, malicious, and jaundice
  • Brown: depression, unforgiving, and chronic
  • Blue: cold, self-destructive, and isolated.

Scrutinize Hand Divisions

The Art Of Reading Palm Lines

The dominant hand gives info about the choices you’ve made and your current circumstances. Meanwhile, the non-dominant gives the background for the info of the active hand. When you compare the size of hands together, it is easy to realize that one might be larger than the other. The larger hand is your dominant or active hand. But, the smaller is your non-dominant or recessive hand. Why are humans attracted by palmistry? That’s because the palms supply detail from their perspective. Further, the back of the hand also relates to others’ views.

How To Read Palms – Understand the Mounts

Mounts are the areas where the simplest divisions of the hands lie. They can be flat, elevated, or depressed. Flat mounts represent no real influence in the owner’s life. Elevated mounts represent a direct & physical approach to the aspect shown by that mount. Meanwhile, the depressed mounts represent a mental or indirect approach to this aspect. Learning more about the mounts of the hands is also a good way on how to read palms for beginners!

  • The Mount of Jupiter: ego, drive for power, ambition, leadership, achievement
  • The Mount of Saturn: intellectual, serious, moody, somber, investigation, scientific
  • The Mount of Apollo: artistic, beauty, brilliance, creativity, emotional fulfillment
  • The Mount of Mercury: commerce, communications, spirituality
  • The Mount of Venus: desire, passion, lust, other raw emotions
  • The Mount of Mars: positive, martial spirit, physical courage, aggression
  • The Mount of Mars: negative, resistance, mental courage, inner strength
  • The Mount of Luna: imagination, sexuality, reproduction, fear

Learn the Palm Line Meanings

What is the greatest appearance of the lines? It must be deep, clean, light red in color, without any clear breaks or markings. The following is a glimmer of hand lines on a regular basis:

  • The Head Line often discloses the basic mentality, insanity, and cognitive abilities. Abnormalities on the line suggest periods of brain conditions and/or mental stress.
  • The Heart Line reveals the strength & condition of the heart. It also tells more about the basis of your emotional relationships. Any abnormalities show the emotional difficulties.
  • The Life Line signifies the “Life Force” or Vitality of the holder. Any irregularities represent a weakening of his vitality.
  • The Mars Line does not have its appearance manifested on all hands. Once present, it is likely to add strength to the Life Line. That allows the subject to deal with other insurmountable odds with ease.
  • The Fate Line unveils not only the significant events and occupation of a person. But it also shows the strength of his belief in/denial of the pre-destination and fate.
  • Each Health Line denotes a different ailment you can suffer from. It’s common to see more than 5 Health Lines on the hand. But, it’s always best if they are not available.
  • The Success Line tells about brilliance. When it is present, your creative drive will assist you in boosting your inner ambitions.
  • The Marriage Line does not express the actual ceremony of marriage. Instead, it’s likely to denote a strong emotional bond to another person. Everyone often has about 1-3 marriage lines on their palms.

In summary

Regardless of what you see in your hands or others’ hands, this does not mean that your destiny is sealed. Ways on how to read palms can help you make informed decisions. Further, you will also understand yourself and others around you. Of course, it never changes your fate. The best way to have your future foretold is to create it!

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