Best Advice On How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards!

Best Advice On How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards!

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Playing Cards For Use

This article gives you ways to do Tarot reading with playing cards today! In the English-speaking world, the word “Tarot” is most nearly associated with the divination and occult. Perhaps, what is less well-known is that such the cards were just used for the divine purposes recently. Before the 18th century AD, there is no record that Tarot cards were applied either for the occult or divination. Instead, they were originally used as the playing cards.

So, when it comes to “the root of Tarot,” we should consider the topic from 2 aspects – Tarot cards as playing cards as well as Tarot cards as a means of divination. Want to conduct a card reading right now? What to do if you have no Tarot deck at hand? There is no need to visit the store for purchasing the new deck. Playing cards are just enough! Let’s see!

Keep Their Meanings In Mind

Before the process, reversals often come up in a Tarot reading. Often, this is associated with a negative meaning. But, while conducting tarot reading with playing cards free, you don’t need to determine which cards are reversed. That’s because all the pictures are mirrored. Want to include this type of information in your readings? Just use a pen to mark a small star at the top left corner of each card. Once the star is just drawn out on top, this does mean that the card is upside-down.

  • Different suits

Do Tarot Reading

Hearts (Cups in Tarot): The suit shows emotions and feelings. The cards cover the whole range of human emotions from contentment and joy to powerlessness and despair. Hearts also represent relationships. The reason is that love and relationships engender much emotion in humans.

Spades (Swords in Tarot): The suit shows all aspects of thinking and communication. Under the rule of Spades, writing, studying and decision making are all connected.

Diamonds (Pentacles in Tarot): The suit shows the material world and practicalities of life (i.e. work, home, money, projects, and all things we can touch). Diamonds can also relate to health issues.

Clubs (Wands in Tarot): The suit shows creativity, action, business, risk, adventure, and competition.

  • Different numbers

During the process of Tarot reading with playing cards, there are strong associations with the numbers and the suits. As Hearts is emotional, they may symbolize pain and suffering. Diamonds can represent difficulties and money problems, while Spades show a warning. Clubs indicate your friends and relationships. Once you start practicing a bit more, read the meanings of numbered cards here!

Ace: Beginnings
Two: Balance
Three: Connection
Four: Stability
Five: Disturbance
Six: Harmony
Seven: Mystery
Eight: Movement
Nine: Growth
Ten: Completion

Always be creative to link the meanings of suits and numbers. For instance, once combined with the Age, the suit of Heats can signify new romance and new friendship. Of course, the effectiveness of a reader often depends on the skills of perceiving a story in every card, connecting them together and judging how one can influence another. Such the skills just come with practice and effort!

  • The Court cards

You can interpret the Court cards, including Jacks/Knaves, Queens and Kings, in two ways. They’re able to either represent real people or point towards personality traits. It is a must to work out which in the context of the reading.

  • The Joker

The Joker is often equivalent to the Fool in Tarot. The card shows the unlimited potential, taking a risk, but having great faith that all will be well. One good idea here is to mark the Joker to represent a “right way up” or a “wrong way up,” so that it may show the reverse meanings of foolishness and folly.

A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards – Spread Playing Cards Out

The 3-card spread is the most common one throughout Tarot reading with playing cards. It is possible to give the cards any association you like. Just ensure to clarify with yourself what each position can be once you shuffle the cards. From the top of the deck, pick 3 cards and then lay them out from left to right in 3 positions. The following are insightful ideas for you to use:

Make A Journal
  • Past – Present – Possible future
  • Present situation – Obstacle – Guidance
  • You – The other person – The relationship you share
  • What you could change – What you could not change – What you are not aware of yet
  • The first option – The second option – The third option
  • The first option – The second option – What you must understand to make the decision
  • You – The path you are currently on – The potential
  • The nature of your issue – The cause – The solution

Once getting better, you should try to avoid types of Yes/No question. While you want to keep everything simple, asking open-ended questions does allow you to understand the topic in a clear way without being vague. Make sure you also relax and your mind is clear & focused as doing every reading.

Have done tarot readings with playing cards for someone else? Request him/her to shuffle the cards so that he/she transfers their energy into the deck. All you need is to perceive what naturally comes to us. Then, try to find understand what they mean, the strong associations between them, and find the cards’ story. Read for friends by all means. But, don’t forget to emphasize that it is just for fun and practice. Never try serious readings until you feel confident and competent.

To sum up

Every day, pick a random card and see how you are able to connect it to the daily trials and tribulations. If you are good at performing Tarot reading with playing cards, it’s time to enjoy the learning experience, do go and buy for yourself a real tarot deck! A lot of fun and excitement are waiting for self-discovery! Just ensure that your memory is excellent and you never stop learning.

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