The Most Powerful Reasons Why Not Believe In Psychic Mediums

The Most Powerful Reasons Why Not Believe In Psychic Mediums

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Why not believe in psychic mediums? Throughout the ages, most mystics have claimed to possess a sixth sense where they are able to predict the future, link to the paranormal world, or contact the dead loved ones. However, according to recent research, being able to perceive the future or just sense strange happenings is a trick of the mind which has been misinterpreted for millennia.

While experts found that people reliably ‘sensed’ when the changes occurred in a scene, even though they might not tell exactly what had altered, they also thought that the idea was fundamentally wrong. For them, the ability to notice any subtle changes was not down to ESP (extra sensory perception). Instead, it was because humans’ brains hadn’t been given the time to process the information that they had seen, providing a vague sense of change they couldn’t fully explain.

Why Not Believe In Psychic Mediums? – Common Tricks Applied By Physical Mediumship

Mediumship is about getting in touch with the spirit world. The reader channels and focuses on the ethereal energy so that it may influence physical objects. Of course, the spirits tend to manifest themselves via the reader’s body. What do you know about séances? The rituals are either held in a dim red light or in the dark. For some reason, spirits are hateful to the white light or conditions that enable other joiners in the séance for chance of normal vision.

Lots of physical manifestations do occur. They can be genuine. Of course, there can also be more earthly explanations for such the phenomena. And some of us do not believe in psychic mediums because we think that they use tricks to cheat us, right? The following are some of these phenomena and possible explanations:

Voice trumpets

Séance Process
  • Claim: The spirits of the dead don’t speak loudly. Thus, some form of amplification is required. Often, this is in the form of a trumpet on a table. During the process of séance, the trumpet can levitate and move around while the spirits’ voice comes through it.
  • How about the explanation? The trumpet tends to be marked with a luminous paint. What for? This helps the levitation be seen in the dark. The trumpet just has a hidden extendable handle where the psychic mediums often use to pick it up and wave it around. The spirits’ voices are produced by the reader who may use a second smaller trumpet to speak through.


  • Claim: What is ectoplasm? It’s a product of ethereal energy that can form as a fog (i.e. solid white mass, mist, or a vortex). The product emanates from different orifices of the medium, such as the mouth, nose and ears. Ectoplasm is also able to form into rods which are used to levitate people in their chairs and move objects.
  • How about the explanation? Ectoplasm is just the fabric chiffon, which is highly compressible. It’s easily hidden about the body of psychic mediums on tv. Then, she covers herself with the fabric and hides/reveals her from behind a black curtain in order to make herself look like a materialization. Also, chiffon can be wrapped around rods and other types of equipment that are then used to move something around.

Table tipping and levitation

  • Claim: People who sit down must place their hands on top of the table. During the séance process, the spirits then levitate the table with everyone’s hands that still remain on the top.
  • How about the explanation? Several methods of levitating tables are available out there. Many of then are still used by lots of magicians today. Simple table manipulations have been done for a long time. And a medium that developed a method was known as Eusapia Palladino (1854-1918). She applied a special lightweight table so that her foot might be hooked beneath one of the legs. Then, she made the control of the table by pressing down with her hands and up with her foot. With the more advanced trickery, heavy tables may be made to levitate with a person who sits on it.

Loss of heartbeat

  • Claim: Trance mediums may get taken over by the spirits of the deceased. And their trance often becomes so deep that their heart can stop beating. This may be confirmed by those taking their pulse at the wrist.
  • How about the explanation? In fact, this is an old trick. The effect tends to be gained by placing a small item, (i.e. squash ball), in the armpit and then squeezing on it as long as you want the pulse to disappear. One clear way to test whether the effect is real or down is to take the pulse at the reader’s neck, instead of her wrist.

Raps and taps

  • Claim: The spirits have a tendency to make noises from small taps to loud bangs.
  • How about the explanation? This is one of the reasons why not believe in psychic mediums. In fact, such the noises are often made by the medium and her assistants. It may be as simple as using a kid’s peashooter.

Spirit lights

  • Claim: Flashes of lights do appear close to or around the medium once the spirits are coming through.
  • How about the explanation? Wire wool that is brushed across the terminals of a battery might make some spooky and strange looking flashes and sparks.
Spirit Of The Dead

After consulting such the tips, some of you may confirm that it’s better not believe in psychic mediums, right? There are other techniques and tricks applied in physical mediumship. Many of them even have been around for a century or more. The tricks are pretty mundane when seen in daylight. But, the effect that they produce in the darkness may be quite profound. Though physical mediumship is now on the decline, it is remarkable that many advocates still believe that spirits are coming through as long as the mediums are using the same tricks.

But, it’s up to your faith. No one forces you to trust in any magical power. You just keep in mind that there are still some weird phenomena in the Universe that we have not scientifically explained.

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